Our Extensive Preventive Services Keep You Smiling for Years

The most important aspect of dental care is an effective preventive program that keeps tooth enamel healthy, gum tissues disease-free, and educates the patient. That’s why Vineland Family Dentistry has established a comprehensive preventive program for our patients that goes beyond traditional cleanings and exams.  Our hygienists are highly trained.  We routinely give a thorough oral cancer screening and well check blood pressure.  We implement some of the latest proven technology into our prevention program so that we can help patients diagnose needs earlier, and prevent severe dental problems from developing later on.

Our Preventive Dentistry Services Include:

An extensive examination helps establish a baseline reference point for all of our new patients. Dr. Yaskin also performs comprehensive exams approximately every 3 years on existing patients. These exams assess multiple factors throughout the head and neck as they relate to one another, as well as screen for developing conditions.  Comprehensive exams are a very important part in bringing satisfaction and value to our dental care.

Each year oral cancer claims thousands of victims across the U.S. Oral cancer prevalence has decreased from the mid 1960s until the latest (2004) National Cancer Institute Survey.  In 2004 approximately 157,000 (0.11% of) men and 87,000 (0.07% of) women had oral cancer.  There are more people with oral cancer in older age groups.  Signs of oral pathology include red or white areas that are present on one side of the mouth but not the other and are irregular in appearance. Many people do not find these areas on themselves, until the pathology is well advanced. This is what makes our oral cancer screenings so important – early diagnosis is key to successful treatment.

Our in-office digital x-ray equipment provides less exposure to radiation than traditional film radiographs.  Digital radiographs allow us to share digital imaging with patients, vary the brightness and contrast with the swipe of a mouse and are speedier therefore reducing the time patients spend in the dental chair.  Panoramic radiographs are extremely helpful in obtaining a quick view of all the teeth including the difficult to reach wisdom teeth.  Panoramic radiographs save patients from discomfort when the shape of the inside of their mouth makes traditional individual radiographs very uncomfortable.  We like to find ways to make our patients more comfortable and panoramic radiographs are one of them.

Laser screening for decay helps us find cavities in teeth that an explorer pick and radiographs cannot. Early detection of cavities means smaller fillings and more affordable care for our patients.  It is one of several tools we use in discovering tooth decay.

We love when our patients can see what we see, because it improves the communication process and understanding about the care Dr. Yaskin provides. Oral photographs also serve as a reference point for checking areas of concern over time.

Lasers are terrific tools in dentistry, and we make sure we take advantage of them.  We use our Picasso-Lite diode laser frequently for gum contouring.  In-office treatment for intra-oral ulcers, as well as minor oral surgery procedures are possible with our soft-tissue laser.

Each dental cleaning is performed by a Registered Dental Hygienist using a Piezo or Cavitron instrument. These instruments allow areas of plaque and tartar to be removed very gently, while also irrigating bacteria from the mouth.

Deep cleanings allow patients to have areas of advanced gum disease cleaned so that bone loss can be halted, and bacteria can be prevented from entering into the cardiovascular system. Areas of advanced disease may also be treated with locally placed antibiotics such as Arestin to improve healing.

Pediatric patients receive a fluoride treatment at each visit, to encourage enamel remineralization and reduce the risk of decay. Some adults may benefit from treatments as well, especially if they suffer from tooth sensitivity or are prone to tooth decay.

Because tooth enamel is the strongest material in the human body, chronic grinding or bruxism can produce severe, irreversible dental wear to the teeth. Custom made night guards help place the jaw in a position of relaxation, preventing bruxism and enamel wear or damage to restorations.

You never know when a dental emergency will occur, and that’s why we have a devoted time set aside each day to see patients for their dental emergencies. Your comfort is our first priority!

We implement state-of-the-art digital educational software that utilizes 3D imaging and narration to increase our patient’s knowledge on a variety of oral health subjects.