Fillings Do Wear Out Over Time
February 23, 2018
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Have you ever had to throw out an old pair of shoes? Of course you have! You hate to do it, but you know it’s time because those shoes are worn out. The sole hasn’t fallen off, but they’re definitely worn out. Dental fillings are no different. Think of all the miles you have walked in your old shoes. Amazing they take the abuse, right? Now think of all the meals and all the chewing your fillings have done over the years since they have been placed. Incredible! What else holds up as well? Not a whole lot. Replacing the really old and worn fillings does help prevent loss of teeth and the need for root canal therapy and crowns. All too often, people don’t realize there’s something wrong with their teeth until it’s too late. We see that in our office all too often. Taking good care of your teeth will make you happy and healthy.


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